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Sandy Community Church is where you can meet new friends, discover your life’s purpose and learn how to live a life that has lasting impact.

SCC Men’s Network

Men at times, appear at a loss of what to do with themselves, when invited to a church celebration service. On arriving at the church building, they are quickly greeted (if not in some cases, hugged) by the church welcome team whom they may never have met. As the church service begins, the congregation are encouraged to rise to their feet, with hands raised, folks begin to sing out love songs to Jesus. This is all too strange for the geezer that has hardly been to a church meeting before. At SCC we seek to engage men in a fashion they understand via monthly:

  • Sporting activities
  • Social engagements
  • All under pinned with Bible expositions and prayers

We read in 1 Corinthians 16:13-14 where men are encouraged to “watch and keep awake! Stand true to the Lord. Keep on acting like men and be strong. 14 doing everything in love”.

*At SCC, our aim is to see men become responsible Men Of God*

Chosen – SCC Women’s Network

Chosen exists to engage with women and let them know that they are loved by God and empowered to reach their full potential and fulfil their destiny in God.

We are creating different opportunities for ladies of all ages, colour, abilities and circumstances to encounter the life changing presence of God, leading them to accomplish great things for them, their families and communities.

SCC Kidz

Our children’s sessions for ages 5 – 11 take place every Sunday.  The sessions are fun, vibrant and we use creative ways to teach the children about their relationship with God.

SCC Youth

Our youth (12 -18) meet every other week to explore the relevance of the Bible in today’s modern society.

Safeguarding – as a Church we take the safety of everyone who visits us very important. More information on our policy is available on request.