I’m New


Welcome to SCC!

Thanks for visiting our website. We hope you find out lots of interesting things about us as you browse our website. We have interesting pictures of our meetings and other events on our website to give you a feel for who we are and we look forward to welcoming you to one of our meetings. 

SCC is made of people from different backgrounds with different life experiences. Some of us have attended church for a while and understand how things work, others are new to church and new to learning about the Christian Faith. 

Sunday Meetings

At SCC we love Sundays.  We meet on Sundays from 10.30am to 12pm. During our meetings you can expect singing, inspirational and challenging bible teaching and opportunities to meet new people over a cup of tea / coffee and cakes, biscuits and fruits.   We would love for you, your family and friends to join us whenever you have a free weekend.

Here is a description of some of the things that happen during our Sunday meeting.


This involves playing music, singing and sometimes dancing. Some of our music is loud and some are slow and more reflective. Our time of singing songs is part of our worship to God and creates an atmosphere where people can focus on God more. 

Our songs are prayers set to music and some of the choruses are very simple and easy to learn. 


We talk about Jesus and encourage each other to love more like Jesus. This is because as Christians, Jesus is the perfect example of who we should be and He loves us more than anyone else. 

We learn from Jesus teachings in the Bible and we are encouraged to apply these teaches to our everyday situations at home, work and in the community. 

Jesus is the best friend that we could ever have and He makes us better when thing get tough and challenging in life. 

We also learn about how to help other people find this hope in Jesus so that our community can be a better and happier place. 

Teaching takes about 30 – 40 minutes and during this time we also pray for one another for healing and help with different challenges. 

Our sermons are available online so you can listen to them at your leisure. 


Our children are an integral part of what we do every Sunday and participate fully. Children stay in the church for the first part of our meeting until after the worship. They have a separate teaching session where they also learn about the love of Jesus and are taught ways to live for Jesus. 

We are have committed people who are trained to work with children who make the time a fun experience for our children. 

Our children sometimes have skits and dances which are presented to the whole congregation. These are very special times and worth experiencing.

As a church we invite everyone in but we are also mindful of the importance of creating a safe environment for everyone. We have s safeguarding policy which is available during our meetings.

If you do visit us on a Sunday, please speak to our senior pastor or one of the leaders who will be able to answer any questions you may have. 

We know you will find the welcome at SCC very warm and friendly and we pray the blessings of God for you.