Sermons from Sandy Community Church

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Baptism – Not my will Lord! – Matthew 3:15

Pastor Michael Sijuwade
Jesus was baptised because He wanted to show the people around Him that it was the right thing to do. The bible teaches that we need to repent, believe and be baptised in water. This sermon encourages us to be baptised as an act of obedience not as a mark of perfection.

Discipleship – Forming Godly Character – Joshua 24:14-16

Tayo Bodede

God’s is calling us as believers to be perfect. With so much uncertainty in the world, people are looking for answers and a solid foundation. It’s only when we become diligent in our walk with God, we will be able to offer hope, love, joy and assurance to an ever changing world!

Radical Obedience – Ola Sijuwade

Ola Sijuwade

Radical obedience is not for everybody – only for followers of Jesus. Leadership team member Ola Sijuwade shares some hard stuff in Sandy Community Church’s first ever recorded Bible teaching.