What to expect

Why we enjoy meeting together

Our meetings are a fun time together because as part of God’s family and we want to support one another in our faith journeys together. Life can be challenging and meeting together to worship encourages us that we are not alone whatever our situations or circumstances.

We are expressive during our worship by singing, dancing, raising our hands, kneeling down and sometimes in silence. All of these postures are ways that we show our gratitude to God. We want everyone to feel safe in expressing their gratitude to God.


We want everyone who comes to our meeting to be safe. Our meetings are open and accessible to everyone and we have policies in place to ensure that everyone who comes to our meeting is well looked after. Our Health and Safety and Safeguarding policies are available during all our meetings.


We pray

Prayer is how we communicate with God and He communicates with us, therefore you may hear several people asking us to pray about different things. We also pray for people during our meetings for healing or to meet a need that they may have expressed.

We believe that God communicates with us and you may hear someone giving a ‘prophecy’ during a meeting.

We also take time during our meetings to read the Bible and a talk is given from the front to help us understand and know God better. We also believe that reading and sharing helpful things from the Bible helps us as live a life that pleases God.

We eat together (Communion)

Eating together is something that Jesus did with His friends a lot. We share communion together regularly (eating bread and fruit juice), this reminds us of the significance of Jesus’ death. The broken bread reminds us of His body broken on the cross and the wine reminds us of His blood – He died to help us connect with each other and with God.

We give

We encourage our members to give to the work of the church and we collect money during our meetings. We call this an ‘offering’, because no-one is obliged to give anything, unless they want to offer it. The money we collect is used for the running of the church and also to support the work we do in the community.

Many people who are part of our Church give regularly to the work of the church – some give 10% of their income every month (this is known as the ‘tithe’). By signing a Gift Aid form, income tax payers allow us to reclaim the tax they’ve paid, further increasing their giving. Please ask if you want more information about this.

We have a financial officer who manages our accounts and keeps good records. Our accounts are also regularly audited to ensure openness and accountability. Please feel free to ask for information.